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Staying More Comfortable In Hotels

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Working As Missionaries In Ecuador?: How To Find Ecuador Homes For Sale Or Rent

Working and living as a missionary certainly has its challenges. One of those challenges is finding suitable housing in the country where you will stay and preach. If you are bound for Ecuador, you may be wondering where you will live, especially if your home-base church does not make these arrangements for you. Here is how you can find Ecuador homes for sale or rent, and why you may want to buy a home versus renting one during your stay.

Ecuador Real Estate Listings

Ecuadorian property is a hot commodity. It is high-value, low-priced real estate that you could easily sell even after you have only lived in your home for a year or two. There are several real estate agencies in Ecuador that work with both tourists and missionary families to help them find a property they can afford, and many of the best listings are posted online. If you do not mind living in a "fixer-upper," these properties are also available, but many Ecuadorian real estate agents recommend that you see these properties in person and not sign a long-distance contract.

In addition to houses for sale or rent, Ecuador has numerous hotels and resorts in which you and your family can stay until you find a more semi-permanent solution for housing. Many missionaries opt to stay in the least expensive hotels and resorts until they can view all of the available properties within their budget and their intended missionary field. That way, they are safe and comfortable while they look for housing and they are not wandering the streets of Ecuadorian cities (with nowhere to sleep or put their belongings) until they happen upon something.

Why You May Want to Buy a House Rather Than Rent One

In many cases it is cheaper to buy a house in Ecuador rather than to rent one. This is especially true if you are planning a very long mission trip to this country or if you plan to return repeatedly. Additionally, if you keep returning to Ecuador for missionary work, it is nice to know that you have lodgings already set up and available to you. You do not have to constantly repeat the process of trying to find lodgings and settling in before you can begin your missionary work. Of course, the reverse is also true; if you only plan to be in Ecuador for a few months to less than a year or you do not intend to return to Ecuador after your first mission trip there, then renting may be a better option.