Staying More Comfortable In Hotels

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Staying More Comfortable In Hotels

I travel a lot for work, which was one of the reasons that I started looking around a lot for better hotels. At first I was content staying just about anywhere, but after awhile the dark, dingy hotel rooms really started to affect how I was feeling about things. To improve my day-to-day life, I started doing a lot of research about picking better hotels and enjoying the amenities that they offered. My research helped me to dramatically improve my overall experience, which made me more productive and happy at work. This blog is here for anyone who wants to stay more comfortable in hotels.


Pros And Cons Of 3 Types Of Lodging

If you are currently planning a romantic retreat or family vacation, one of the first things you need to decide is what type of lodging you want to choose. The main types of lodging are hotels, bed and breakfasts, and vacation homes and condos. Here are some pros and cons of each so you can decide which one is the best option for you.

Hotels and Motels

Your first option is to stay in a hotel or motel. One of the great things about this option is that they are readily available just about anywhere. Regardless of your budget, you should be able to find a hotel or motel near the location you desire.

Pros – Aside from the availability, hotels also has some excellent amenities, especially when you choose hotels with higher ratings. You might have a gym, multiple restaurants and bars to choose from, and refreshing swimming pools. Many of them also have on-site spas and salons, which you won't get with a rental home or bed and breakfast.

Cons – On the downside, you will have limited space in the room. Unless you pay for a suite, which can get ver pricey, you will have only the basic necessities in the hotel room. They can also lack the privacy and quietness you are looking for since the rooms are close together.

Bed and Breakfasts

You may also want to choose a bed and breakfast (B&B). These are ideal if you are planning on traveling with your loved one, as they can be very romantic. With a B&B, you are staying in a bedroom in someone's house that has been converted to a boutique-style hotel, with just a few rooms.

Pros - There is often more privacy and less noise and distractions in a B&B. With less rooms in the establishment, you won't have people all around you trying to make a lot of noise. In addition to a free breakfast each morning, this lodging option typically has larger rooms that feel more comfortable than a hotel.

Cons – Bed and breakfasts often require you to share a bathroom with other patrons, which is one of the major drawbacks. Since there are less rooms, it can be harder to get a room for the dates you want.

Vacation Homes

If you are traveling with a family or simply want the maximum amount of privacy, you can choose a vacation home. This will be a house or condo that you rent, whether it is a cabin in a mountain area or a house right on the beach during the warm months.

Pros – If you want as much space as possible, with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms for everyone in your family, the vacation home is the bet option. You will also have all the comforts of home, such as a patio or backyard, full-size kitchen, and more than one living space inside. You might also have extra amenities, such as a pool and hot tub in the backyard.

Cons – Vacation homes tend to be the most expensive, which is a common drawback. They are really only good if you are planning a longer vacation and not always worth the money for just a couple days away. 

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