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Staying More Comfortable In Hotels

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How Hotels Can Help Make LGBT+ Guests Feel Welcome

Hotels, like all businesses, have a responsibility to make their customers feel welcome and safe. But for LGBT+ guests, feeling accepted is especially important, especially in the face of discrimination and prejudice they may have experienced elsewhere.

Hotels that create an atmosphere of acceptance can provide a much-needed refuge for LGBT+ travelers and reap the rewards of positive word-of-mouth and increased patronage.

There are a few key ways that hotel owners and staff can create a welcoming environment for LGBT+ guests. Here are some ways hotels can ensure that LGBT+ guests feel accepted in their spaces.

Ensure Policies Are LGBT+ Friendly

Hotels can proactively create policies that are inclusive of all guests — regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, or any other factor — to send a clear message that they support and accept their LGBT+ guests. On an operational level, this means taking steps to ensure that staff is trained in how to interact with LGBT+ guests respectfully.

Hotels would also need to make sure their booking systems allow people to choose whatever name and pronoun they would like listed on their paperwork. Also, providing access to gender-neutral bathrooms and ensuring that all spaces used by guests have gender-neutral language will go a long way toward establishing an atmosphere of acceptance for everyone who visits the hotel.

Finally, same-sex couples should be able to choose which bed type they prefer, and both partners should have access to the same amenities — from spa treatments to breakfast buffets — regardless of how they identify. In doing so, hotels can ensure that LGBT+ couples are afforded the same privileges as their heterosexual counterparts.

Celebrate LGBT+ Events 

Hotels can show their commitment to LGBT+ customers by hosting events or offering discounts on special occasions like Pride Week. This helps LGBT+ guests feel seen and appreciated while also signaling to the larger community that the hotel is an ally.

Hotels can also partner with local LGBT+ organizations to provide a comfortable and safe space for their events. This can help build stronger relationships with the local community while also showing support for LGBT+ causes.

Additionally, hotels can host LGBT+-friendly events, such as comedy nights, drag shows, and pool parties. These events can provide a safe space for LGBT+ travelers to come together and have fun in a space that is specifically designed for them.

And finally, hotels can amplify the voices of LGBT+ people by featuring them in their marketing campaigns and showcasing artwork from local LGBT+ artists. In doing so, hotels can show that they are open to LGBT+ people and actively celebrate and support them.

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