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Staying More Comfortable In Hotels

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Hosting A Black Tie Event: Four Amenities To Look For When Booking A Hotel Conference Room

Hotel conference rooms offer an excellent option for hosting a black tie event. Hotels often provide a host of upscale amenities that can help you transform the room into an elegant setting for your event. As you begin your search for a hotel conference room, be sure to look for a hotel that offers special amenities and services to make your event a success. Here are just a few things to look for when booking your conference room.

In-House Event Planners

A hotel that offers an event planner as part of your conference room package can help you to take advantage of everything the hotel has to offer. The event planner will have knowledge of all the furnishings, party supplies and audio/visual equipment owned by the hotel. This will help you to determine which items you need to rent separately and which items can be added to your room package. The event planner can also handle many of the small planning details, so you can focus on your guest list, seating arrangements and other critical decisions.

Valet Service

To create a luxurious VIP atmosphere for your event, you'll want to make sure that valet service is available at your hotel. This gives your guests the opportunity to arrive in style, and it prevents them from having to walk from outdoor parking to the venue during inclement weather. Be sure to ask if you can cover the cost of valet service for your guests in your event package so they won't have to pay for parking services.

Custom Lighting Concepts

You'll want to set the right mood for your event with a custom lighting concept. The right lighting can elevate the look of the room and create a true black tie atmosphere. Look for a hotel that offers custom lighting, such as dance floor spotlights, elegant chandeliers and colored LED ceiling lights. The services coordinator at the hotel should be able to walk you through all of the different lighting options and arrange for the hotel staff to light the room before the event.

Dedicated Event Staff

In addition to having servers available to pass out hors d'ouvres and champagne, you'll want to have dedicated event staff to handle different aspects of your event. Your hotel should be able to offer some of the following staffing options:

  • Event guest check-in
  • Coat room attendants
  • Bathroom attendants
  • Security personnel
  • Bartenders

The hotel should also make sure that your event planner will be in attendance at the event to take care of any issues that may arise.

Prepare a list with these amenities and any other questions you might have before you begin touring event spaces. With the list in hand, you can quickly eliminate venues that don't offer everything you need. You'll be left with a list of venues that are just right for your black tie affair, making it easier to select the perfect location.

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