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Staying More Comfortable In Hotels

I travel a lot for work, which was one of the reasons that I started looking around a lot for better hotels. At first I was content staying just about anywhere, but after awhile the dark, dingy hotel rooms really started to affect how I was feeling about things. To improve my day-to-day life, I started doing a lot of research about picking better hotels and enjoying the amenities that they offered. My research helped me to dramatically improve my overall experience, which made me more productive and happy at work. This blog is here for anyone who wants to stay more comfortable in hotels.


Bed And Breakfast Hotel Packages Pitch Mystery, Romance, And Problem-Solving

For a quick getaway or an extended weekend, a bed and breakfast hotel package offers a cozy alternative to a standard hotel stay. B&Bs can accommodate a wide range of trips ranging from a weekend excursion to a full holiday, and themed packages provide a way to up the pleasure on a trip and make the most of both outings and the lodgings themselves.

Romantic retreats

One of the more popular options for a themed weekend is a romantic lodging package at a bed and breakfast. Romantic packages are a great way to add a bit more love to a stay and can include a range of amenities to inspire romance and indulge the senses. These packages are often tied to specially designed rooms with romantic lighting, large tubs for two, and light snacks and wine or champagne to kick off a visit in style. Some B&Bs can also accommodate additional requests when made in advance, so if there is a special need for a romantic proposal or a milestone anniversary, reach out to the owner or manager early to discuss any options for a custom experience. 

Murder mysteries

Bed and breakfast packages often extend beyond room or trip-specific themes to include a larger event. One of the more popular themes for period properties and unique accommodations is a murder mystery. For travelers who want a bit of adventure or to have access to in-house theater while away, these cases put guests into the role of suspects, victims, and murderers in a pre-designed case with room for ad-libs and fun costuming. 

The bed and breakfast serves up the mystery — usually with great refreshments — and guests move through acting out the murder and solving the case. Some murder mysteries feature extremely detailed scripting to avoid stage fright while others leave flexibility for a bit of camp and a whodunit flare. Each guest plays a role and tries to guess the identity of the murderer. In some instances, they also avoid becoming the next victim. Contact a bed and breakfast in advance to ask for details about a murder mystery weekend if certain case types or acting experiences are more appealing or need to be avoided. 

Escape room challenges

To capture the flare of a murder mystery in a bite-size dose, escape room challenges at a bed and breakfast are a good alternative. These challenges require problem-solving, answering riddles, tackling puzzles, and completing set tasks in order to leave a locked room. They are often timed and provide an excellent opportunity for fun and bonding as most challenges require a team effort to conquer the escape room before the deadline. 

For more info about bed and breakfast hotel packages, contact a local company.